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Acid Hive

track cover

By Torrent 64 YouTube YouTube torrent-64 SoundCloud.
Cover art by Goopifer goopiferart Tumblr Goopifer_art Twitter.
Released 9/16/2023.
Duration: 2:25.

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Tracks that Acid Hive references:

Tracks that Acid Hive samples:


Work that sucker to death, come on now, work that sucker to death!
Work that sucker to death, come on now, work that sucker to death!
Work that sucker to death, come on now, work that sucker to death!

Artist commentary:

Torrent 64:

There was nothing in particular that I had in mind for the track. The lead synth that I used is similar to synths are in a genre of music called "Acid House", which is where I got the inspiration for the name. A lot of the Homestuck references came after the groundwork for the track was laid. Electromechanism, ASSAULT, and Phaze and Blood were added as the first references, just cause they sounded cool to me and fit the song's vibe. Jade's Lullaby was added later using a modulated EB synth in order to replace a more generic melody I came up with. The ending section originally had a reference to Sunslammer, but I ended up being very unhappy with it and changed it, so I am extremely happy with how the ending section came out. After getting a huge pack of Sonic CD samples, I fell in love with the different drumloops, especially the Quartz Quadrant Bad Future and Stardust Speedway Present loops. I have the TARDIS Take-Off loop from Doctor Who's "Scream of the Shalka" playing underneath the entire track because, hey, why not? The bit crushing and vinyl crackles at the beginning and end of the track were made using Izotope Vinyl and dbluecrusher.


I sat at my desk for a few nights looping this SICK track exclusively and couldn’t quite shake the image of a certain gold-blood that would probably have made a killer DJ (or the Beforan equivalent). Had a blast thinking about this before I realized I actually had to draw it.

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