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Derse Dreamers II

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By horizon ohanadyomene Bandcamp YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube ohanadyomene Twitter Spotify Spotify ohanadyomene Patreon (Rose) and LO,ON lo-on Bandcamp Lo_onOfficial Twitter loonofficial7562 YouTube (Dave).
Cover art by DAV DAVorton Twitter davorton_ Instagram davorton Tumblr Other MS___804 Linktree.
Released 9/16/2023.
Duration: 4:04.

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Tracks that Derse Dreamers II references:


It's not gonna be okay

Death, you'd think that being so familiar with a
Welcoming mask would make it easier
It's hard to find your heart
It's hard to find my heart, now

Breath, I take it in like for the last time
Watching things replaying like I'm always on the front line
Finding all that's hidden, should've stayed far away
Because now that it's here I don't know what to say

It's not okay, it's not okay
I wish I believed
I wish I believed things would be—

This intelligence
Ain't never been artificial
This initial spitting evidence
Splits exposits interstitial
Coz' spitting rhymes has
Always been a'function built in
Place compunction with some fronting
Stunt some ticky-wicky-wicky production

When you went, where'd you go?
Could a fucker ever know?
Between dusk and dawn
Between jaw n' collar bone (Uh)
I guess we're moving on (Moving on)
This mess? Third time's the charm
Start to wonder if these blunders
Makes me the me that causes harm

What makes me not you
Whad' I do, honestly?
Why the fuck ain't I mad enough
To make you what you wanna be?
You wanna see me pissed?
You wanna see me save the day?
Do I even wanna be the me
Who can't make this ok?

It's a rap attack, it's hacking tacts
It's flak avoidance, striking back
This lapse is whack, you've got the outcomes memorized?
I've planned for that
This rhyming mode is to the max
This overbearing tragic act
Ratio is falling fast
I'm calculating how you'll last (You won't)

This battle's ours... this broken pact is good as gone
And if now to then is inside out this plot's as good as done

How many more times, do I gotta dream on?
How many more lines, do you gotta scheme on?
How many more nights, do we spend awake?
How much more of us do we need to break?
Do I sound too specific?

Is this the world? Is this the world?
I'm not asking I'm just taking I'm not stumbling I'm just breaking
Through, like the wild ones do
Like you've never seen the light and now it's blinding you

Like we met our own match in the mirror one day
And some of us drop and almost all of us say
It's not okay, it's not okay (No it's not okay)
But I don't really care (Give a fuck) today

We know halls and towers, have their powers
We don't fall like those who cower
Beckoned by the final hour
Hoping someone else can take it higher

We learned how the humble fall
When all the space is held by walls
Of everything we've tried to call
From then and now it's one for all

Artist commentary:


[Lyric video]

nothing much to say except thank you for listening, and consider supporting the artists below.

some background: LO,ON and i came up with this idea when i went through old comments on the lyricover for derse dreamers i did back in the day, and someone said it would be better with dave rapping.

so we decided to do that. but instead of redoing derse dreamers with a rap, we decided to take a tip from mother mother on their hayloft i and ii songs. i flipped the riff around a bit and we worked through from there.

jeremy, if you're reading this, i hope you're proud of how grown up derse dreamers is!!!! i wanted to contact you about this but nothing worked. so, in your absence, we hope you appreciate it.

for everyone else -- i hope the wait wasn't too terrible. please enjoy. :)


Dave and Rose waiting for their death on Derse with bisexual lighting

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