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Stargazing with Gods

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By Joshua Gray joshuagray04 YouTube joshuagray04_ Instagram.
Cover art by Torrent 64 YouTube YouTube torrent-64 SoundCloud.
Released 9/16/2023.
Duration: 9:45.

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Artist commentary:

Joshua Gray:

Stargazing with Gods is a Homestuck fan piece written for a clarinet choir consisting of 2 E♭ clarinets, 4 B♭ clarinets, and 2 bass clarinets. It is meant to depict the very end of Act 4 - Becquerel watches over his sleeping owner, Jade Harley, while gazing off into the night sky. Though the stars are beautiful, in the distance, a number of meteors can be seen that signify the apocalypse, with one particularly large one coming directly for Jade’s home. Ultimately, the piece’s mood is meant to reflect both the horror and beauty of the life cycle of the universe as presented in the webcomic.

Torrent 64:

I'm not even sure where to begin. The track gives a very nice sense of both calmness, and the sense of impending doom. I wanted a lot of the art itself to be influencing that serene feeling: The starry night sky, a peaceful Jade sleeping, and Bec watching over her. It's only when you follow his gaze past the bright moon you can see the bright meteorites approaching, adding a sense of unease to an otherwise calm picture.

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