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Caffeinated Jittering

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By Kanishka m3l0m4ni4c SoundCloud kanishka-tempts-fate Tumblr.
Cover art by lemonzestdoodle lemonzestdoodle Twitter Neocities lemonzestdoodle
Released 9/16/2023.
Duration: 2:45.

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Tracks that Caffeinated Jittering references:

Artist commentary:


Caffeinated Jittering went through no less than five different iterations and easily as many names before finally solidifying into its current form. As tempting as it would be to pretend that this track's fittingly hectic nature is meant to be some sort of clever commentary on many trials and tribulations it faced during the production process, I will do no such thing.


This tune brings to mind a single moment: how WV might have felt the first time they drank TaB. There were so many ideas as to how to visualise that idea. Maybe they'd be dashing around like a five year old who's had their first soda and can't handle that sweet sugary goodness? Or maybe they'd mentally be like the guy touching fingers with God in that one painting? It was hard to narrow it down! Ultimately, it led to this. The past lingers (like TaB), the future is hopeful (unlike TaB being discontinued in 2020 which I literally just found out) and right now in front of you is an experience that will cement itself within history. What does TaB taste like, anyways? Is it just girlbossed Diet Coke? If so then that's kind of a letdown.

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