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By Cosmoptera lordcakespy Bandcamp lordcakespy SoundCloud cosmoptera Cohost lordcakespy Tumblr cosmoptera Twitter lordcakespy_moved SoundCloud.
Cover art by Artatruc artatruc Tumblr.
Released 9/16/2023.
Duration: 4:08.

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Also released as:

Tracks that Ultramagnetoparakineticrystalphotogrammetry references:

Artist commentary:


Crystalanthemums (and its various derivatives) are songs that are very near and dear to my heart. In all honesty, though, the reason I wanted to make a remix of this track was so I could come up with an extremely funny name.

Grace Medley: (album management)

We first hear Crystalanthemums in the FreshJamz flash, which showcases all the music the kids have collaborated on. Fittingly, Artatruc’s track art reflects the constant collaboration among the kids in the early acts. Also it’s just a really sweet image and I love it.

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