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By Thomas Ferkol eidolonorpheus Bandcamp eidolonorpheus SoundCloud EidolonOrpheus Twitter.
Cover art by Monckat monckat Bandcamp YouTube YouTube achrananth Tumblr Achrananth Twitter Other.
Released 9/16/2023.
Duration: 3:44.

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Artist commentary:

Grace Medley: (album management)

How’s about that Dirk guy, huh? Between this, Vol. 9’s Sweet Dreams, Timaeus, LOFAM4’s Tragic Heights, and the never-released Hello, My Name Is Hal, Ferkol’s sculpted out a one-of-a-kind musical identity for this brooding dude.


Ultimate Dirk broods moodily over some epic matter of doubtlessly transcendent existential importance. The text in the background was transcribed directly from my well-thumbed physical copy of the epilogues. I kinda forgot what the interior of the Theseus looked like so I defaulted to a bunch of Galfany-esque tech.

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