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By Raid rudecustard Bandcamp raidsrc SoundCloud raidsrc YouTube Other Other.
Cover art by Churro Lord churro-lord Tumblr churro-lord Carrd.
Released 9/16/2023.
Duration: 5:04.

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Tracks that Moonslayer references:

Artist commentary:


Why'd I call it Moonslayer? Well, I was looking for a cool edgy yet catchy little name to title this track while riffing off the Homestuck Music Team’s theme of titling tracks Moon/Sun + word that starts with S. Moonsetter is the name of the original track. Moonshatter and Sunsetter are the names of a couple of Toby Fox’s other Homestuck music contributions. Moonsweater is the name of a track on Homestuck Volume 10 by A Lunatic's Daydream. So you see what I mean. I considered Moonslammer, like Sunslammer by Beatfox, but that wasn't edgy enough for me. So I settled on Moonslayer. Yeah. "Moonslayer" brings up catastrophic, apocalyptic images of destroying the moon, but not just destroying the moon—slaying it, as though the moon were a living entity capable of being conquered. A spirit. A god or goddess, maybe. A constant observer of mankind. Something personified, and then killed. Very edgy. Absolutely perfect.

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