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Clockstopper (New Game+ All Clocks%)

track cover

track cover

Tags: Dave

By Pixels & Paradiddles, pixelseph ( SoundCloud , Newgrounds , Twitter , YouTube ), and paradiddlesjosh ( SoundCloud , Newgrounds , Tumblr , Tumblr ).
Cover art by Awkward ( YouTube , Tumblr , Twitter , DeviantArt ).
Released 9/16/2023.
Duration: 5:48.

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Tracks that Clockstopper (New Game+ All Clocks%) references:

Artist commentary:

pixelseph: (& paradiddlesjosh)

“Clockstopper” from coloUrs & mayhem Universe B, but it's from 2023 and Dave needed to destroy every single clock in Sburb. No one asked for more Castlevania/Megaman/Otacore vibes on this track, but we brought it anyway. Enjoy your New Game+.


That's the last time I'm drawing Dave five times in the same piece, suffice to say (those timetables were absolutely evil trying to line). Loved working with the colours though, imposing reds with fiery overblown glow dodges will always be one of my favourite combos.

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