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Tags: Dirk

Tragic Heights

By Thomas Ferkol (Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Twitter).
Cover art by nights (SoundCloud, Twitter, External (
Released 9/9/2017.
Duration: 3:02.

Listen on Bandcamp or YouTube.

Artist commentary:


Another very nice track for the Alpha kids' medium, this time for LOTAK. Unlike my other art pieces on LoFaM, I used SAI for this instead of the usual MS Paint. It's a nice change of pace to be working with another art program.


This is one of Ferkol's 3 tracks that were created for the planets of the alpha session. (In particular, this was created for Dirk's planet: The Land of Tombs and Krypton.) Although this song never saw an official release, now you can enjoy it here, on Land of Fans and Music 4. Or on Ferkol's soundcloud. You can also listen to this song on Ferkol's soundtrack.

Starting off with simple choir alongside plucked strings, this piece builds up slightly, before letting a synthesizer take us deeper, as if we are descending onto the surface of Dirk's planet. As the piece continues, more and more electronic instruments come in, as the landscape becomes harsher and harsher. Yet, throughout it all, the strings remain steadfast.

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