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track cover

track cover

Tags: Aradia, Alternia

By David Dycus ( Tumblr ).
Cover art by Elanor Pam ( Twitter , External ( ).
Released 9/9/2017.
Duration: 3:04.

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Artist commentary:

David Dycus:

This started out as an attempt to make a song in the style of Death Grips, but ended up going in a different direction. It was a challenge to try and make something equal parts creepy and danceable.

Elanor Pam:

For the last couple of months my computer has been sitting on a small folding table as my ouse undergoes a bunch of scattered repairs, which made deploying my tablet a tricky situation. Thankfully I've been buying art markers piecemeal—they're very expensive in my country—and had enough colors to paint a troll! But when it came to a background I and my limited palette both failed miserably, so in the end I had to take the drawing to photoshop and figure things out with a mouse anyway. Whew!

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