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Tags: John

Homestuck Sonata

By David Ellis (Bandcamp).
Cover art by Sozzay (Tumblr, DeviantArt).
Released 9/9/2017.
Duration: 7:46.

Listen on Bandcamp or YouTube.


Tracks that Homestuck Sonata references:

Artist commentary:

David Ellis:

Homestuck Sonata was written around the time we were submitting pieces for Volume 10. The idea was to write a piece that loosely followed the sonata form from Homestuck Anthem being the first theme and Penumbra Phantasm (via FantasyP) being the second. It's also intended as a left hand practice piece so the left hand is much busier than in most of my other work!


This idea came to me after scrapping a few rought drafts. Originally I planned for an artwork starring an original hero, but decided to change it to something involving John because his associated instrument is a piano. It was a difficult piece to draw, but I am very happy with the finished result and feel I created something really dynamic.

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