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Highland Thunder

track cover

track cover

Tags: LoMaX

By Thomas Ferkol ( Bandcamp , SoundCloud , Twitter ).
Cover art by Elanor Pam ( Twitter , External ( ).
Released 9/9/2017.
Duration: 3:20.

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Tracks that Highland Thunder references:

Artist commentary:

Elanor Pam:

This was very much a test-bed for photoshop brushes and adjustment layers I had yet to touch on, all while putting the speed in speedpaint.

keyboard cait: (album team)

At one point I described this as something along the lines of "electric Scottish war music", and that still stands. The melody in this song is absolutely iconic, if you ask me, and it gets INCREDIBLY ampled. Maybe enough to see what lies under that voltaic fault. (Spoiler: It's just a lot of xenon.) Also, the lyrics to this song are "DANGER HIGH VOLTAGE". That is all.

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