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Nova Solis

By Morgan.
Duration: 20:24.

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Floating is a feeling, that can never be described
Goodbye April morning, goodbye lady, goodbye
I am just a gypsy, and my home is in the sky
Atoms are my horses, and floating is my life

Goodbye to the morning, and goodbye to the day
Farewell to the sunshine, because I'm leaving anyway

There is thunder bursting in the dawn
From the throat of a shining silver thorn

As I jump into the sky!
Screaming out my last goodbye!

Floating is a feeling, that can never...

I might be at a table, and suddenly I'll catch
A fleeting vision of her crystal seas
Or I might be standing in a crowded dockyard far away
Underneath a sun I've never seen

For I have seen many worlds, for what it's worth
Will I ever see again the planet Earth? Oh, my Earth

I might be chasing waves of light, out towards the rim
Where stars are sparse and the cold of space seeps in
Or I might be in a bar-room drinking methylated gin
And thinking of the places I have been

For I have seen many worlds, for what it's worth
Will I ever, see again, the planet Earth? Oh, my Earth

Cast adrift amongst the stars I float from sun to sun
Dreaming of the world that gave me birth
All the places I have seen remind me there is none
To match the cool green rolling hills of Earth

May I remember, when I have travelled on
The Earth's a cinder, swallowed by the sun
There is no meaning, nor can there be
Just an ember, burning in the night, on a velvet sea

I didn't guess the implications when I saw the light
Then I saw the desolation, burning, burning bright

May I remember, by what I still have left
A bag of Earth dust, hanging at my chest
There is no memory that I would sell
That is worth the half of all that's left
Of Earth's blackened shell...

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