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Say "I Gotta Believe!"

By PaRappa the Rapper, De La Soul, and Takako Hirasawa.
Duration: 4:16.

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Say "Alright!" (Alright!)
Say "Oh yeah!" (Oh yeah!)
Whatcha gonna do? (Whatcha gonna do!)
(I gotta believe!) I gotta believe!

If you thought your dreams were fulfilled before
You need to come on back, Jack
Look who walked in the door
It's Parappa The Rapper, and my name is Pos
I'm known to emcee for free or a cost
If you be at the mosque, synagogue, or church
Drop to your knees and pray for Parappa The Rapper
To save the day and make you scream hooray!
Just clap on time, 'cause it's time to play

I know you're slick and smooth, cool with an attitude
On the right track, leader of the pack
Kickin' back, never looking back
You know my words won't satisfy
What I have now, deep inside of me (Inside of me)
And all I need is much security

When you're needed for a mission, he got your back
Sure to have a cool time, man, that's a fact
Yo, he's a good friend, never ever a foe
So come on and let's go

We are the concentrated Vitamin D, with the title
Hookin' it up, speedy quick, like noodles to cup
It ain't nothin' for the one man
Buttin' to move somethin'
Runnin' par rappin' through laps
Hurdlin' raps
And just when you thought your game was dead
Well, we got you cookin' up rhymes all in your think kettle
Proceed and click the next level for fun, player (Oh, oh yeah)
Play ya game, player number one

True love that speaks the truth
You know it'll help me through
In the cold night
In the morning, all night
Or even in a fight
You know you should come home to me
We can have fun until the early morning light

Aw yeah
Aw yeah, oh
Oh, oh

Here to serve up a dish like Sunny Chan
You know I'm the man
Here to have fun
Wanna have a taste?
Here, have some
Servin' up O's by the oodles
Oh, I forgot
Parappa The Rapper, he don't like noodles
We like eating snapper that's red
Freestyle from the top of the head
Yo, Parappa got skill
Why don't you give it try, see what you can build
Tasty like fruit that's peeled
Watch your heels, you might slip and fall
And if you do, you know who to call (Who?)
It's Parappa the Rapper and De La, y'all

You and me can walk together
And down the road forever
And smell and touch the treasures of life
Every day
Love and hate are face to face
And good and bad are back to back
Every day, uh huh
Uh huh, uh huh, oh yeah, yay

Switch on your 36 inches
You in the boob tube, trapped deep
'Til the game watch you sleep
Overdosed on moves taught by the sensei
Your timing's all off, tiger
You in the little leagues
Striking out a De La joint
Book a session for the Plugs and PJ
To come train the camp, y'all
Mooselini, graffiti tag and plug dose (Dose, dose, dose)
Game over, I'm ghost (Ghost, ghost)

When you're needed for a mission, he got your back
Sure to have a cool time, man, that's a fact
Yo, he's a good friend, never ever a foe
Come on, everybody, saddle up and let's go

All my people say "Alright!" (Alright!)
Yeah, that was good, now let me hear you say "Oh yeah!" (Oh yeah!) (Oh yeah)
Now let me hear you say "Whatcha gonna do?" (Whatcha gonna do?)
Come on, y'all, let me hear you say "I gotta believe!" (I gotta believe!) (Believe...)
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, yay

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