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track cover

Tags: Mituna

7UN3 R3M1X

By Princezz.
Cover art by shu (Tumblr).
Released 4/12/2016.
Duration: 3:09.

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Tracks that 7UN3 R3M1X references:

Artist commentary:


I made this song in a hurry when I thought I'd lost the other song (I know it's bad to delete stuff but I was trying to hide it from someone who wouldn't have reacted well...but that's another story). This song isn't as good because I couldn't remember how to recreate the sound in the original song. But I thought I'd have it here anywa.


It was mostly inspired by the track's mroe distorted sound effects and its playful melody. It's definitely a catchy tune and I found myself humming around while drawing this so I hope I did the composer some justice! I'm glad I got assigned a Mituna song because I've never actually drawn him and it was a lot of fun hahaa//

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