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track cover

By Cyclostome cyclostome Bandcamp.
Cover art by slitherbot.
Released 4/12/2016.
Duration: 2:22.

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Artist commentary:


The majority of the Beforus trolls are introduced inside the dream bubbles, a construct of paradox space. In my track, I used deep thrumming tones and a mournful temor melody to simulate the feeling of being alone in space and of being alone in the universe. The ghosts of the Beforus trolls who we meet in-game live widely in the past. I strove to create a melancholy atmosphere that would be reflective and ambient, just as the dream bubbles create a reflective space for characters to dwell in memories.

Instruments used: Tenor saxophone, ukulele
DAWs used: Audacity
Equipment used: iPhone 5c, Toshiba laptop


while listening to the track i could feel how melancholic it was, and that inspired me, i wanted to have swirls and bubbles over somewhat of the view of prospit/derse with the 12 trolls standing silhouetted! i tried to create the same feel as the song with the art.

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