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track cover

Tags: Horuss


By Blackhole (Tumblr, SoundCloud).
Cover art by Cakelets (Tumblr).
Released 4/12/2016.
Duration: 6:12.

Listen on Bandcamp or YouTube.

Artist commentary:


I decided to try something different for this one. Horuss for me, despite his humorous characterisation, has always had this sort of aura about him, this cloud of smoke and steam - a sort of sense of an industrial force wrapped up in this one, lonely individual. His steam automata and his manner, naturally brooding beneath the forced cheerful exterior, almost feel like Equius but somehow more mature, with more gravitas. I tried to put all that into this track. It's a lot more slow moving and atmospheric than my usual work. I imagine a steam engine locomotive building up speed, slow but inexorable, and impossible to stop once unerway. Fun fact; free steam samples are hard to find. Aside from the one locomotive sound effect I did manage to source, most of the pneumatic hiss you hear is in fact me blowing on my microphone.


When I heard this track the first thing that came to me was an industrial vibe so I tried to stick with that impression by adding the steam and darker colros coupled with the bright orange. This piece was also very atmospheric so I tried to emulate that by having the smoke almost engulfing Horuss as well as adding the fkecls of black to represent oil and further the industrial feel of the piece. I hope you all can look at this art along with the music and see the more mature and thoughtful side of Horuss.

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