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Tags: Meulin

Lullaby for a Day

By TempiTunes (Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Tumblr).
Cover art by Winter.
Released 4/12/2016.
Duration: 1:14.

Listen on Bandcamp or YouTube.

Artist commentary:


This was originally going to be a song for Meulin but it ended up going in a completely different direction, so instead of scrapping it I turned it into something else. The title is meant to be a reference to how trolls sleep during the day.


My assignment for this track was to draw the alpha trolls sleeping peacefully; however, due to size restraints, I went for Meulin, given that the track was originally for her. The peaceful atmosphere of this song led to me using a very warm, dawn-like colour palette, which I really enjoyed doing! In all this was a really fun track to illustrate!

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