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Tags: Cronus

♒ - Aquasex Renegade

By theh0nestman (Bandcamp).
Cover art by Circlejourney (Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Tumblr, Twitter, External (
Released 4/12/2016.
Duration: 2:49.

Listen on Bandcamp or YouTube.

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Now gather 'round me, cats and kittens,
Ease up on me close
I got my guitar and my mojo
(Of THAT I got the most)
Now who's big daddy over there
Rockin' in the shade
I say "Hello, pretty dolly.
I'm the Aquasex Renegade!"

Renegade x 2

I'm the Aquasex Renegade
Wait! Lemme show ya!


Well I'm all up in your thinkpan,
You're diggin' what you see
Chickie slide a little closer
It's okay if you touch me
Now give big daddy some sugar
I know I got you made
Now let me show you why they call me
The Aquasex Renegade

Renegade x 2

I'm the Aquasex Renegade
Lemme take ya home now, dolly!


Hey wait guys, where ya goin'?

Artist commentary:


This song was extremely fun to write and play with. I like Cronus' greaser persona, and my voice is kinda slimy blues-man anyway so naturally I went with a blues style for him. It started with just voice and guitar, and I wanted to keep it true to that, but this song seemed to cry out for some mythical band to come out of nowhere and make his song awesome. So, honestly, a delight! My favorite of my three.


You cannot convince me that the track's singer is not Cronus himself. When I heard it, I immediately envisioned a sleek monochrome graphic of a John Travolta-looking Cronus leaning on a car with a cigarette between his teeth. The Instagram-esque filter gives it a sort of retro look that goes with the spirit of the track. The violet tones are an obvious reference to his blood colour.

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