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Tags: Porrim, Aranea

Dear Heart

By Dallas Ross Hicks (SoundCloud, Tumblr).
Cover art by Danna Vital.
Released 4/12/2016.
Duration: 6:42.

Listen on Bandcamp or YouTube.

Artist commentary:

Dallas Ross Hicks:

A song for a romance between a confident lover and someone not used to being loved. Written in 6/8 time (Maryams are 6th on the hemospectrum, Serkets the 8th), this piece reflects the affairs between the jade and ceruleanbloods of the Homestuck story: short but passionate. The song suggests an invitation to dance; the initial hesitation of the cymbals show, in this case, Aranea's feelings of uncertainty in the presence of an experienced byt ukind red romancer in Porrim but, over time, she learns to trust the jadeblood and allows herself to be led into a brief but intense concupiscent relationship.

Danna Vital:

I contacted Dallas as aoon as I got this track assigned to me, he's been a part of the creative process since the beginning and I think in the end we got an art piece that shows how complex yet romantic and passionate the relationships between the Maryams and Serkets can be which is exactly what we were both going for, hope you enjoy!

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