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Tags: Porrim, Aranea

Look Into The Future

By rest✩taurus.
Cover art by Cakelets (Tumblr).
Released 4/12/2016.
Duration: 1:47.

Listen on Bandcamp or YouTube.

Artist commentary:


The track is named after how Aranea spoke about her fling with Porrim. That a Sylph of Light could have "looked into the future" and decided getting comfy with our dear Maid of Space was the right course of action for a time... it caught my interest, and fanned my love for this pairing. I was originally considering writing something more lively, like an instruental sea shanty, but I decided that solace fit the two best. I imagine it wasn't a loud or busy relationship, and so neither is the track. My concurrent goal was the ncourage listeners to look into the future themselves. Just a track to take a breath to, look at the sky to, contemplate. At the very least, to imagine this pair doing so, in their time together. I wonder what pulled them apart?


This track is really a soft and soothing melody so I wanted to use a soft and soothing color pallet. I also really wanted to focus on Aranea and Porrim since the piece was written about their fling. I really love quiet music so as soon as I heard the song I knew I wanted to make an image that was more on the simple side with cool colors to evoke the feeling of serenity. I hope you can look at the art with the song and feel the tranquility I was trying to get across!

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