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With the Fishes

track cover

track cover

Tags: Damara, Meenah

By articulatelyComposed ( YouTube , SoundCloud , Tumblr , Twitter ).
Cover art by VT Stark.
Released 4/12/2016.
Duration: 2:58.

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Artist commentary:


With the Fishes is a piece that shows the turmoil that Damara went through directly after her breakup with Rufioh and whilst Meenah was bullying her. The vibraphone represetns Damara and her actions, the bell-like sounds showing how fragile she is feeling, while the loud, brash chords of the marimba shows Meenah's incessant cruelty. The final chord, or more accurately, cluster of notes, is Damara's final snap. It is the thing breaking inside her leading her to attack Meenah and Rufioh. The title "With the Fishes" has a dual meaning in this case: the obvious meaning of Damara interacting with Meenah, and that "sleping with the fishes" is a phrase that signifies that someone's dead, which seemed appropriate since Damara's experiences have left her almost dead inside. I hope you all enjoy this piece!

VT Stark:

I wanted to really capture Damara's pre-snap personality here. She's got orange cloth over her eyes, representing how she feels she's been blind regarding what Rufioh has been up to. Meenah's hand is holding onto her throat, yet Damara remains oddly tranquil. SHe's fighting to work through all of this no matter how much it hurts. But in the end, she can only hold on so much for so long. And that's when the expression is less peaceful, more internally dead.

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